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When asked about how he came into this story, & his path to pursuing developing the film, Cottam remarks “It’s quite simple. If I get a script, and I really laugh, I’m like, Oh, this is gonna be good. If it’s a comedy, and I’m laughing. Because it’s not often things leap off the page. You have to put a bit of work into how you could visualize it, or how you can make it better, or what you can bring to it. Whereas this I just found very funny. I read it twice, and the first time I read it, it’s just super funny. And the second time I read it, I’m like, Oh, actually, this has tons of heart as well.

Paul Reiser fondly speaks of the workflow between him & Cottam, and the impressive attention to detail he puts into his filmmaking “As a writer, when you meet somebody who not only responds to the script, but what is it about it that they get, and with Chris, he got all the obvious things you can get with the story. But sometimes he would comment on something that was in the sidebar of the script, in the stage direction, or when we talked about the famous curtain scene, then Chris had an idea about the sound effects and I went, I love that you’re already thinking of the sound effects.

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